“If you build it, they will come.“Remember that famous old saying?

Not only is it not true, but it’s a HUGE MISTAKE!

I can’t count how many entrepreneurs launch a new product, service or offer without testing the market first.

In nearly all those cases, the results were terrible.

I see this a lot with our high ticket clients and it’s one of the main reasons they’re stuck in their business.

Wasting Time, Money And Effort

It takes some time and effort to create a course or program.

I’ve been fine tuning our program for more than a year. But I did something most entrepreneurs fail to do before they go to market.

I tested my products and services to make sure there was a demand for it. This is how I find out if a product, offer or service will perform.

If you put a new product or service out there without testing the waters, you’re asking for trouble. That will cost you precious time and potentially a lot of money. I don’t want you to waste time or money and I know you don’t too.

Here’s How To Test Your Product Or Service

Another big mistake I see with informational products is entrepreneurs creating full fledged programs before testing. Wow, talk about a shit ton of work and risk.

Look, before you build anything, see if the market wants it.

If they do, begin building it and rolling it out. If they don’t, go back to the drawing board.

–Wow Ricky, that sounds great but how can I do that?

Step By Step Process

Let me drop some knowledge bombs on you real quick.

Now, I actually do practice what I preach and practice what I teach 🙂

So I’ll lay out my process in 3 steps.

(1) Competitor And Prospect Analysis

This is where I start with any marketing project, (Facebook ads, Mastermind, partnership, it doesn’t matter.)

I never take anyone’s word for it, “I need to know exactly whom I’m against and I need to know exactly who my prospects are.”

I’ll use a Google spreadsheet. If you want to see exactly everything I include, be sure to sign up for my template. It’s free. Just click here.

(2) Creating An Irresistible Free Offer

Once I know who I’m targeting and what my competition is using, I can begin to start building my offer.

The best case scenario is having an offer that solves a problem. It needs to be a specific problem your prospect have.

Most people will tell you to spend the least amount of time on your free offer and more time on your core offer. If you’ve been following us, you know we don’t go by the main stream.

Rather, we focus the most effort on our free offer. 

Think about your prospect’s needs, what’s the big problem they have? What’s their biggest challenge? What’s their biggest need? Want? Desire?

Let me use my market as an example. The high ticket side. A lot of client businesses struggle with finding consistent leads.

This is why we made a webinar that teaches entrepreneurs how they can solve that goal.

Find a problem in your market and solve it.

(3) Take It To Market

Once you have your offer ready, get your mini funnel built and drive some traffic that way.

The market will tell you one way or another.

Make sure it’s targeted traffic, don’t just test it with any traffic.

It either takes off or it don’t.

If it does, there’s the validation we look for. If it doesn’t, go back to the board and get something new out.

Remember, you can always add to it later. Right now, the priority is the validation.

You can do this relatively cheaply.

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