It’s my hope this article reaches you before you launch your product, but it’s likely you’ve done heard the crickets. Hopefully not. I’ll be going step-by-step to teach you how to create a pre-launch sequence so you can see if your product will sell.

You built an awesome product, perhaps a SAAS product or online course. You’re super excited and put it on the market. Then it happens, wait for it… “nothing.” No engagement, no enthusiasm, no sales.

There’s nothing worse than launching a new product to ring in the big goose egg.

Have no fear, I can help. Been there and done that my friend, it happens. Before you ever launch another product, check out my pre-launch sequence for launching new products, it’ll save you time, money and effort.

First, what’s the best pre-launch sequence to use? After all, there’s a ton of them to choose from. You have webinars, email launches, video launches, where do you start?

Truth of the matter, they all work, you won’t know until you put a pre-launch funnel sequence together to test it out. The good news, the pre-launch sequence I’m sharing is a proven concept I’ve used myself and with a few private clients. In other words, it has been validated and works.

Before we get started, I highly recommend using ClickFunnels for your pre-launches and Active Campaign for email sequences. With ClickFunnels, I can build a pre-launch funnel in minutes. With Active Campaign, I can integrate my opt-in form, pre-launch funnel and email sequences. Within Active Campaign, I can also set up my segmentation and click tracking while delivering a specific experience based on user behavior.

With that said,

Step 1: Your Opt-in Form 

The first step to your product launch funnel is going to be an opt-in form.

Here’s what you’re going to need Your op-tin page.

  • An attention grabbing headline that fits your value proposition (i.e. the theme of the video series)
  • A big “Get Access Now” opt-in button
  • A background that fits the theme of the video series

When you launch your product to your email list, this is the page you’ll send them to get them started with the funnel.

If you’re going to be running Facebook ads, Google ads or other paid campaigns, this is where you’ll send your prospects. In most scenarios, you will run paid ads to a cold audience, so this is where you send them.

Step 2: Pre-Launch Video 1 (Day 1)

As soon as a prospect or lead enters your pre-launch funnel, you want to send them the first video of your sequence. Go ahead and send this immediately.

Now, this video is very important as it will set the stage for the user. Your leads will either love it, hate it or it won’t matter to them.

You want this video to be around 15-20 minutes.

Here’s how I structured my first video.

  • Intro: Use the first few minutes to get them excited. (1-2 minutes)
  • Story: Give them your ah-ha moment by sharing your story of how this helped you. (2-3 minutes)
  • Training: Here’s where you teach them about your product. (5-10 minutes)
  • Cliff Hanger: Leave a cliff hanger to keep them waiting for the next video (1-2 minutes)
  • Engage: Ask a question and ask them to respond. You want them to get engaged.

Video 1 does a lot of different things. First, you’re setting the tone and mood with your prospects. If you do video right, you’ll have an audience excited about what they’re learning and anticipating the next video. It also positions you as an expert and your audience feels good knowing they’re getting value for free.


Step 3: Pre-Launch Video 2 (Day 2)

Let’s talk about video 2 in your pre-launch series. This video is going to go out 24 hours after you deliver video 1. With Active Campaign, you can automate the entire email launch process.

The structure is very similar to video 1, as you’ll also be teaching something to your audience.

Here’s the structure:

  • Intro: Be sure to thank everyone that commented and engaged with the 1st video.
  • Story: Give a quick recap to your story. (You want to give them the same ah-ha moment)
  • Training: Your product solves a problem or pain, right? Here, you’re going to mention the product but don’t pitch it.
  • Open Loop: Leave an open look to create curiosity for the last video.
  • Engage: Ask for comments underneath the video

Step 4: Pre-Launch Video 3

Pre-launch video 3 is going to go out 24 hours after you send video 2 out.

In this video, it’s time to introduce your product to your audience. If you follow the guidelines,

Here’s how to structure the video:

  • Intro: Thank everyone for their engagement.
  • Story: One last chance to allow them to have their ah-ha moment as you share your story.
  • Product: Introduce your product.
  • Benefits: Here’s where you need to explain the benefits of your product.
  • Testimonials: Testimonials are powerful, make sure you include one or two in your video.
  • Who It Helps: Explain the exact people your product will help.
  • Future Pace: Put your prospects in the right mindset by future pacing. This will be where your clients/customers are in a few months if they purchase your product.
  • Offer: Be precise and exact, tell them where they can purchase your product.
  • Guarantee: If you have a guarantee, here’s where you place it.
  • Scarcity: Give people a window to get your pre-launch special price.

Step 5: Sales page

The last piece of your pre-launch product funnel is the sales page.

Now, there’s a number of different sales pages you could use here. However, I want you to think about the process you’re taking potential customers through. You just built a relationship with each user over the last 3 videos. They’re no longer a cold audience. Due to this, you don’t need an extensive sales page.

Rather, I’d recommend you focus on the following sales page elements.

  • Catchy headline
  • A strong hook to get them to continue reading
  • A quick recap of your own personal story (Emotions compel them to buy)
  • Buy now buttons strategically placed a few times throughout your sales page
  • Product benefits (Use in a bullet point format)
  • A timer for scarcity
  • Strong CTAs (call-to-actions)
  • Testimonials (Different from the ones you already shown
  • Social proof
  • Explain your guarantees, money back, ect. 



I highly recommend you track your data. That way, if adjustments are needed, you can confidently make them. Each industry is different and that’s something I always recognize. Although this launch formula has worked for me and a few private clients, it’s not a guarantee that it will work for you.

If you do track your users, the data will let you know if adjustments are needed.

In Closing

If you don’t have a pre-launch product sequence in place, use this one. I’ve used this exact pre-launch sales funnel a few times successfully. The concepts are proven. If you need to customize it, do so as needed. None the less, your pre-launch sequence is vital to your launch success.

You can also do your research if you feel you need a different pre-launch structure. You can start by researching your competitors in the market. Just make sure you’re taking notes, testing concepts and documenting everything you do.