Have you tried going to Google and searching for ways to make money online? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. For those who have, you know where that road leads too. If you’re serious about making money from home, pay attention to what I have to say. If you want to continue making $5 for your surveys and clicking on ads, be my guest.

For those of you that do want to work from home but make the type of income that can change your life, you’ve finally found the right article.

When I first started learning how to make money online from home, I made a ton of mistakes. After all, likely like you, I didn’t have any experience. I didn’t have business experience, I didn’t have marketing experience, all I knew was that I was tired of working my butt off for minimum wage.

Now, my goal wasn’t to earn 7 figures working from home, I just wanted to make some extra money online to pay the bills. I’ve been blessed to generate millions in sales online but it wasn’t always like this. That’s why I’m sharing my story, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. That’s why I’m going to teach you the right way to work from home.

(1) How Should I Make Money Online?

The first step to working from home is figuring out what you want to do. There’s a lot of opportunities out there that will allow you to earn money online, but there’s also a lot of bad money making ideas.

When I’m asked what are the best ways to earn money online, I always ask, “what do you love to do?” I usually get that “look,” but I’m being honest. Here’s what you should ask yourself;

  • What am I’m passionate about?
  • What do I know more than anything?
  • What am I an expert in?
  • What problem can I solve to help people?
  • What pain can I help people avoid or eliminate in their life?


Here’s the deal, if you can give a client or customer something they want, you can make money from it. Thanks to the internet and apps like Skype, we can have a face to face conversation with a customer that allows us to work from home.

Heck, I talk to new clients weekly on the phone. I’ve closed $50,000 contracts over the phone without having to talk to anyone over the phone. All you need is an internet connection, a computer and a phone to work at home.

Back to what you’re going to do to make money from home, I always recommend starting in an area you’re passionate about. For example, if you’re a fitness expert, you can teach clients how to lose weight. If you’re a chef, you could sell recipes or train others to be a chef. There’s thousands of niches you could choose from, figure out what it is you love and go for it.

(2) Learning Digital Marketing

I teach students how to use digital marketing to help them bring businesses new customers and clients. Every business around the world needs an online presence in today’s digital world. The best way to get businesses results are by knowing how to leverage digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing Accelerator helps you learn digital marketing skills and strategies while having me in your corner throughout the 12 week program.

Why digital marketing? Simple put, it’s the most sought after skill in the world right now. Think about it, when every business in the world is a potential client, the opportunities are endless. Digital marketing allowed me to make millions online and it can give you that same opportunity.

When I first started working online, I was making pennies on the dollar. I didn’t have guidance. I didn’t have a mentor. If I could go back, the first thing I’d do is get a mentor, that’s one of the biggest mistakes that still haunts me.  That’s life, I can’t change it but I can help you avoid that same mistake. You need guidance.

(3) Building Your Web Presence

You’ll need a web presence no matter what you decide to do. Here’s what you’ll need;

  • A Hosting Account (So you can get an unique web domain)
  • A Domain (Make sure your domain name gives people a great idea of what you do)
  • WordPress (It’s the easiest way to build a website)
  • Elegant Themes (The most affordable premium themes “Divi Theme is what I use and recommend as it has a page builder”
  • Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn at least)
  • Facebook Group (You’ll need to build a community and Facebook has over 2 billion users to attract)
  • Email Marketing (At the very least, you need to be focusing on building your email list)
  • ClickFunnels (Perfect for building sales funnels, lead funnels, launch funnels, ect.)


(4) Affiliate Marketing Is A Quick Way To Build A Business

If you don’t have products or services to sell, you can make money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone’s product and you get a commission for doing that.

There’s tens of thousands of affiliate programs you can join, nearly all of them are free. All you have to do is go to Google and search “keyword” affiliate programs.

Before you join affiliate programs, you’ll need to have your website up as they’ll likely want to see your site before they approve your account.

With affiliate marketing, you can make as much money as you want. You’ll need to pay close attention to what commission percentage companies/individuals will pay you. For example, if someone has a $100 product and you earn a 50 percent commission for each sale, you’ll make $50 a sale.

(5) Consultants Can Make Unlimited Income Working From Home

The consulting industry has took off thanks to the internet and every niche is an opportunity. One of my 3 businesses is solely dedicated to consulting businesses. I get paid to consult companies on their digital marketing. At the time of this post, it brings in 6 figures per year.

Go back to the very first thing I asked you above, what’s the one thing you know better than most? If there’s something you’re an expert in, why not turn that knowledge into a money making opportunity? Consultants make good money and you can do it working from home.

If you know how to invest money, you could be an investing coach. If you’re a real estate guru, you can be a real estate consultant.

(6) Selling Your Knowledge

Informational products are always selling online and if you know a topic more than most, it’s another opportunity for you to make money from home.

There’s a number of ways you can sell your knowledge online.

  • You can create an informational product (think about what people want and need)
  • You can create a membership website based around this knowledge
  • You can create an online course or program
  • You can sell PDF guides, whitepapers, cast studies


Think about what it is you know and how you can turn that knowledge into products to sell online.

(7) Start An Ecommerce Store

Another option you have to work from home and earn money is by having your own ecommerce store.

Platforms like Shopify and WordPress make it easy to start your own store. If you have products to sell, you can list them in your store. If you don’t have products, there’s several ways to find products to sell online.

My recommendation, make your store niche specific. For example, if you’re starting a store, you can keep it focused on water sports. You could sell surfboards, boats, fishing tackle and anything relative to that niche. If you start a store based on sports, you could sell sports jerseys, sports cards or athletic shoes.

There’s a number of websites out there where you can sell someone’s products and get them at a low price. One example is AliExpress. You can search for products on AliExpress and sell them on your store.

In fact, you can start your own dropshipping business from home.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. That means you don’t have to order stock or mess with shipping, how cool is that?

Starting a dropshipping business is a great easy business model to use.

In Closing

These are just a few of many ways you can start making money online from home.

Don’t forget, my Digital Marketing Accelerator Program is focused on teaching you how to make a living from home. On top of that, it gives you direct access to me where I can help guide you. If you’re dead serious about making money online, starting a business or growing your current business, it’s the quickest way for you to start making money online.