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Hey, hey, hey everybody and welcome to the Teaching Online Business Podcast. I am your host Richard Hale, the founder of the Teaching Online Business Podcast and TeachingOnlineBusiness.com, where we help coaches, consultants, experts, any of you guys and gals that help clients. We help you with your messaging, building a high-ticket offer, taking that to the market to help you grow and scale your business.

How are you guys and girls doing? I hope all of you are having an awesome, awesome day. I’m pretty pumped up, you have to forgive me. I’ve had coaching calls all morning and we’ve had an awesome day. We have 6 new clients, if you’re counting, that’s $30,000. I know it may seem like a lot, maybe it don’t seem like a lot, but for us, it’s a pretty good day. So, I’m pumped up and ready to rock-n-roll.

Today, we’re talking about the art of organic attraction. I want to give you something to work with so you can get better results organically. Now, we’re going to be talking about Facebook specifically. The reason we’re going to be talking about Facebook specifically is because most of you will be able to find your ideal clients there, right? 99 percent of you will but keep in mind, organic attraction, this goes everywhere. This relates not only to Facebook, but Instagram, YouTube, even in general life. These tips are going to help you get the attraction you need to see better results.

A lot of people think organic is dead, you can’t get organic results, you can’t get clients from organic marketing on Facebook. Everybody organic traffic and reach is down, down, down, that’s all your hear. Maybe that’s happening for you, but not for me and there’s a reason, it’s because I’ve found a framework that works. When I follow the system, it works. When I put the time in, it works. When I’m consistent with it, it works and I know it will work for you. It’s the same that I teach to clients. If any of my coaching clients are listening to this right now, this is going to sound familiar if you’ve started with Facebook at this point.

(1) Build Authentic Relationships

So, number one when it comes to organic attraction, it’s building relationships. Not only building relationships, but building authentic relationships. Being yourself, being your authentic self. Can we say that? “Being Your Authentic Self.” You gotta be yourself, you can’t be someone else because you’re going to attract the wrong people. By sharing your story, your unique one-of-a-kind story that nobody else can use, you understand that, how powerful your story is?

I had someone on a coaching call this morning that asked me if they can be like Tai Lopez. I said, why do you want to be like Tai Lopez? “Well, he has all this attraction and everybody is talking about him and…” I said stop. I want you to look where you are in your business. You are aiming to hit $20K and she’s only been a client for a week. Don’t worry, I’m not going to say her name. She may be listening right now and don’t be embarrassed by this. This is actually a good conversation to have because a lot of people are trying to mimic experts that are way, way, way above them. Right?

Tai Lopez is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world. He’s one hundred, two hundred, three hundred levels above someone that’s only making $5K/$10K a month, right? If you’re going to mimic somebody or model somebody, you need to model people closer to you. This gets back to our discussion today because we want to be ourselves. You have a unique story and this is exactly what I told her. You have a unique story that nobody else has. You need to be telling stories about your process, your lifestyle, how you found this one thing that you now teach people to do. You need to be telling stories about that because no one has your story.

We use this for attraction but let’s get back to building authentic relationships. That’s where it starts, you can’t wait for these relationships to come to you, you have to be the one out there building those relationships. How do we build relationships? We start a conversation. It’s simple, very, very, simple. There’s a lot of ways you can do this, let’s talk about Facebook specifically. What can we do? We can send people friend request, we can like their post, we can comment on their post. We can join groups, right? We can watch stories and interact with them there. There’s a ton of different ways we can do this with Facebook. We can do it on Instagram, we can do it on YouTube. It’s all about starting a conversation. A relationship is always built around a conversation. Now, with Facebook, sometimes that’s a friend request you get from somebody, but I’d suggest building a relationship with them first. That’s where it all starts. That’s how you get organic attraction. You build authentic relationships, you start connecting with people, you start having conversations with them and the next thin you know, you have a good friend.

How important is one relationship? One relationship for me has generated over $2M in revenue for me over the years. One relationship, over 2 million dollars and it’s not about that, I don’t want you to get caught up on the money amount, but this guy is a very, very good friend of mine. He is a best friend now and we’ve did a lot of awesome things together because our relationship has been 50/50. Those are the types of relationships that can change your life and it only takes one. It only takes one relationship, that’s why you should be out there every day, you should be committed to building at least one new relationship every single day for your business, not only personally but for you business because that can be the one relationship that makes everything else come together. You understand that right? A lot of people don’t think about that, but one relationship can take you miles, upon miles. Do you understand that? One relationship, make sure you out there doing that every single day.

(2) Give To Receive

Number 2, give to receive. We have to give first before we’re going to receive. You can call it karma, you can call it goodwill, it all kinda points to the same thing. If you want something, which is organic attraction, you want attraction, you want attention, you have to give attention first. How do we do this? We give attention. We give attention to people, we start commenting, thanking them for things. Somebody may post and you read it and it’s a value post from them. You may think it’s incredible and you tag them, let me thank them for taking the time to share this. This really helped me get unstuck today or this helped me do that today, what ever it may be.

Give people credit, ok? Take the time to talk to someone for 5-10 minutes, help them out, help them get unstuck, do a favor for somebody. That’s going to come back to you, it always comes back ten times fold. It may take a day, may take a week, a month, a year, but everything will always come full circle. You must be a giver and I know your time is valuable. I don’t want you to get lost on helping people for free. That’s not what I’m talking about, help when you can. Help when it’s the right situation to help, ok. That leads to number 3, answering questions.

(3) Answering Questions

Facebook, everyone is always asking questions, especially in a really close, niched down group. Let me give you an example. If I was a doctor, what type of Facebook group would I want to join? Now, a lot of people would think, well of course, you probably want to join doctors. Well, if you’re networking, you probably do want to join a doctor Facebook group, that wouldn’t hurt. But I want you to think about the pain and problem you solve or the desire you give to your clients. Now, if I was a doctor, let me change that. I’m a chiropractor, so, what am I looking for? I’m looking for groups that are about back pain. Does that make sense? If I’m a chiropractor, I would want to join Facebook groups that talk about back pain. Why? Because that’s my target audience. If they have back pain , those are my types of people. Those are the people that I can help.

Don’t just join entrepreneur groups, or social media groups or Facebook ad groups, those are still ok. But when you can join a group that’s specific to the pain and problem you solve, that’s where you want to be. So, number 3, answering questions. These are the groups you want to be in. People can ask questions normally in your news feed by you being connected to someone, those are fine. If you see a question and it makes sense, answer it. In groups, they’re asking questions after questions and that’s going to give you the opportunity to position yourself.

Remember, every engagement you do is a link back to your personal page. So make sure your personal page is optimized. You need to make sure your personal page is humming! That’s what we call it, humming. It’s going on, this is where the party is at, right? That’s the kind of mystique you want on your Facebook page. You want engagement going on. If someone goes there and nothing is going on, we’re automatically already timid about different things. We’re already scared, we’re already timid.

People are already doing their research, doing their due diligence. They come to your Facebook page. You’re talking a good game in the groups but when they go to your personal page, there’s no People come to your Facebook page and there’s no engagement. That’s a red flag for people. So you need to make sure you have it going on. Make sure you’re sharing your personal story. Make sure you have lifestyle pictures. Make sure you have a professional picture. Remember, that top header and profile picture, those are clicked a lot. Have the top of your funnels there, add your links there. You might as well treat them as CTAs. Same goes for your business page, your logo, header, people click on them. Make sure you’re adding your links there too. Make sure you’re utilizing them.

Back to the framework, answering questions, it positions you as the expert. The more questions you answer, the more comments you’re getting, the more links are going back to your personal page. It just builds momentum. The more you do it, the more it comes.

(4) Make Friends With The Group Admins

Some of my best friends now are group admins and it’s because I wanted to make a difference in their group. I wanted to help, this was my way to give and receive (Number 2 strategy). I wanted to go in the group, I wasn’t sharing links, I wanted to give value. By doing so, I built awesome, awesome relationships with the group admins. These are groups that have 10K, 20K, 30K, some of them as high as 50K, 60K, 70K. And what it has did for me, it’s created opportunities that I wouldn’t of had if I didn’t. It positions me as an expert, people view you as an authority by doing so. So, make friends with admins, this is specific to Facebook and Facebook groups.

(5) Value Post

You can’t underestimate a value post. Value post are when you make a post, contextual, maybe a video, and you’re giving value. You can do this on your personal page, business page or in groups.  If you’re doing it in Facebook groups, make sure you’re aware of the group rules. Every group has rules. Value post are a great way to build authority. It’s a great way to get the conversation going. Remember, the more people that engage with a post, this works with Facebook’s algorithm. The more engagement a specific post or video has, the more it will be seen by other people organically. These are awesome, awesome post that can be turned into Facebook ads later, but that’s for another story.

Value post, don’t be afraid to share some of your good stuff. People look at it, they think: “If this guy/girl is sharing this for free, can you imagine what their paid course has> Can you imagine what their paid coaching program has in it? That’s the mindset you want them to think. You want your value content to be awesome!

(6) Consistency

You can do all these things, 1 through 5, but if you’re not consistent, you won’t see the results you want to see. You have to show up every single day. Every single day, you should be posting content. I’m going to give you a few tips on what you should be posting. Hopefully you’re writing all of these down, you can always replay it.

Let’s talk about objections. What objections does you audience has? What objections do your ideal clients have about the one thing, what it is you do? What are the objections? In your content, you should be creating content that knocks down these objections. Makes sense, right? That’s a gold nugget. A lot of people don’t think about the purpose of their content. A lot of people just post it to get some brownie points , that’s not doing you any good. Every post on social media, your blog, what ever it is (all of your content) should always have a purpose. Why would we create content to knock down objections? That way, it’s not an objection anymore. If they have an objection, that’s holding them back from getting into my coaching program or holding them back from buying your course or product.

Content has to have a purpose, right? Another one that’s really, really powerful is sharing your story. We talked about it earlier, no one has your story. Nobody can tell your story like you can tell it. Why are you not sharing your journey? You have to get that going. Share your story. These are lifestyle post, about your mistakes, about lessons you learned, about your “ah-ha” moment. Imagine, your audience needs that same ah-ha moment, so you share a piece of content on that.

What about future pacing? How important is that? Do you know what future pacing is? That’s when we’re talking about the results, right? Somebody can come through our coaching program and they’re making $100K a month now. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you’re making $100K a month? That’s future pacing, think about the end results you’re giving your clients. Make sure you’re future pacing that and showing them what their life can be like.

Lastly, motivate and entertain. You need to motivate your audience, you need to entertain your audience. This is so important for attraction, organic attraction or not. We have to entertain, we have to attract, right? Think about the ways to do that. How are you going to motivate and inspire? You share your story! You share your wins, you share your struggles, you get them involved in your story, your journey. You share your process, you share your methodology, you share your philosophy. You share the same things you value, your beliefs and all this good stuff.

These are all different ways we can do that. We have to motivate to get our clients to take action. Sometimes, we have to motivate, you know what’s best. When you’re a true expert and you know what’s best for your ideal prospects, you know your program will help them, it’s our obligation to get them to the finish line, to help motivate them to take action. We all need a little motivation and inspiration. That’s the way we do it, that’s how we build organic attraction.

I know some of this is specific to Facebook, but this applies everywhere. This applies everywhere. I hope you take these steps, put them in place and you start getting the results you deserve. That’s what I want for you. I want you to get the results you deserve.

I appreciate you, thanks for taking the time to be here and I hope you find this valuable. Please let me know, please comment. If you know anyone that needs to hear this or will find this useful, please do take the time to share it with them. Remember, we have to give to receive. The art of organic attraction on Facebook. We always appreciate it.

When we started this podcast, we wanted to help people. That was the most important thing (and still is). We wanted a new channel, we wanted to reach our perfect clients and help them, motivate them and inspire them to help. Get them into our coaching program. If you want that attraction, if you want that attention, it takes a lot of effort. You now have the steps to win.

Go back to one of the last things I said. consistency. You have to be consistent. You have to show up every day. If you want to build your Facebook audience organically, social media organically, you have to show up every day. Dedicate a hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, what ever it takes to get the results you need.

Ready To Grow Your Client Business?

Ok guys and gals, have an awesome, awesome day. Get this put in.

If you want to talk about growing and scaling your business, let’s have that conversation. You can do right here. 

Now, go kick ass, go take names, love you guys and thanks for your support! I will see you on the next podcast.