If you have a client business, I know you want to grow and scale that business.

If you’re ok with what you make, fine. You’ll learn how to leverage your time and get X2-X3 more done. So no matter your goals, what I’m discussing today is a huge benefit to your business.

All of us want to make more money. and help our clients achieve results.

Listen closely though, I’m referring to “growing” and “scaling” your client business.

The first 9+ years of my career, I didn’t have a true client acquisition system in my business.

That’s a long time to go without one. Here’s the kicker though, the most I was ever able to make in a year was $300,000.

Most entrepreneurs that don’t have a client acquisition system are lucky to make half of that if not less. So we don’t want to go that route, that’s not the right way.

I know what you’re thinking, some of you would love to have $300,000 a year. Sure, it’s a lot of money, but I should of made well over a million dollars. Once you count all the time I put in to make that $300K, trust me, it was tough and stressful.

Now, what about this client acquisition system?

A Client Acquisition System To Help You Hit 7 Figures

7 figures is a common goal entrepreneurs shoot for, I have no problem with that. In fact, you want to set goals like that.

My point with referencing 7 figures: this client acquisition system is going to give you what you need to hit 7 figures.

Now, if that’s not your goal, that’s fine. All of you have different goals. If you want to hit 6 figures, more power to you. This client acquisition system I’m discussing is going to give you the ability to grow and scale to 6 figures, 7 figures and even higher.

The Client Acquisition System Gives You Leverage

This is what we use in our business and it gives you the leverage you need to grow and scale your business on demand.

You can’t grow and scale your client business without it.

Now, I did training discussing everything you need in this system in-depth. You can watch that training here.

See, you need consistent leads coming into your environment (referring to your online presence). You also need a systematic way to bring them in.

Our System Uses A Webinar Funnel

For those of you that have seen the training or read any of our content, you know that we use a webinar funnel for our lead generation.

You also would know that we use paid traffic from sources such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other paid sources.

By using this type of acquisition system, we’re able to automate the entire process. That saves us a ton of time and effort.

We leverage Facebook’s advertising platform to drive traffic to our webinar. On our webinar, we offer a “next step” for client businesses to work with us. Our priority goal is getting them to schedule a time to talk to us on the phone. We’re able to automate this process too.

The results have been incredible and gave us the leverage we needed to grow and scale.

Let Us Help You Grow And Scale Your Business

If you’re dead serious about growing and scaling your client business, schedule a time to talk to us.

Sure, you can take our system and try it for yourself or you can get help from our team.

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