You need SYSTEMS in your business. Unfortunately, many of the coaches, consultants and service providers I work with don’t have them and it often explains one of the main reasons they can’t grow and scale their business.

For (client businesses), there’s only one main system you need to be wildly successful.

This system is a client acquisition system. The same proven process I’ve been teaching as a business coach.

Yep, the same type of system I teach you to do in this free training webinar.

“Unless you want to keep struggling to get clients and keep working long hours trying to breakthrough your income ceiling.”

I did for 9 years and it was never easy. The income ceiling is real, struggling to get new clients is real. You can include not getting paid what your worth and working with the wrong clients too.

Sound familiar?

That’s the thing, this is exactly why you need systems in place so you can leverage your business.

Simple Systems

First, I’ve noticed that everyone loves technology but hates dealing with it. Me too.

Truth of the matter, all it takes is a simple system to make a BIG impact on your bottom line.

[Take Teaching Online Business for example.]

For our community, you know what simple system we use. We use a simple webinar funnel that allows our potential clients to schedule a phone call with us. It’s not your normal webinar as many of them have something to sell at the end. We don’t.

What we do offer is a “next step.” The same concept as a marketing hook in an email. Not exactly, but you get the point.

We close leads on the front end and the back end with this type of system.


With our simple webinar funnel, there’s no question that we can reach $100K a month, which is our goal. In fact, this simple system can produce $200K a month or more for your client business.

The goal of this system was to allow us to grow and scale our business.

Sure, we’ve tested this system, optimized it, changed it and fine tuned it. But a simple system like this can;

  • Build leverage in your business
  • Help you reduce your workload
  • Gives me full control over your business
  • Allows you to work with more clients
  • Helps you make more revenue

When I built the Client Acquisition Blueprint Program, I wanted to make it simple as possible but give students the vehicle they need to get BIG RESULTS.

The point, we tend to over complicate systems, technology, processes and you don’t have to. Simple works, I’ve proven it over and over again.

Get The Training

Our system accomplishes 3 big goals that we rely on;

  1. It brings us qualified leads every day
  2. It vets those leads on autopilot
  3. It builds trust and rapport with our audience

How can you do the same for your client business? Get the training where I cover the 6 must-take steps to grow and scale your business.

This 6 Step System is a game changer, watch the training and apply the steps to your business.

If you’re ready to go next level, schedule a time to talk. We’ll discuss your business and bring clarity to your business to help you grow and scale.

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