While Russell Brunson built a culture around the sales funnel with his company ClickFunnels, sales funnels are nothing new.

Call it a sales process, revenue funnel, marketing funnel, it doesn’t matter. The goals of a sales funnel are clear.

A sales funnel is designed to lead your prospects and leads to the next step with an end goal usually being a conversion.

Why Should I Use A Sales Funnel

If you’re trying to start a business or grow a business, you’re going to need a sales funnel.

If you’re trying to turn prospects into leads (and you better be), you’re going to need a lead funnel.

Funnels can serve a variety of different purposes and the more you can mastering them, the better.

Sales funnels can make your life as an entrepreneur easier, especially with a tool like ClickFunnels. Russell was serious when he said you don’t need a website, all you need is a funnel.

You can learn a lot from him, his 2 Coma Club Coaching will have you up, running and profitable in no time.

Using A Sales Funnel

Should I Be Using Sales Funnels

If you want a successful business, absolutely.

I can’t recommend ClickFunnels enough, get it!

Here’s the exact reasons I recommend ClickFunnels

  • Makes building a sales funnel simple
  • Saves on web design cost
  • Allows you to easily track important funnel data (optins, converions, split-test)
  • Create sales funnels, lead funnels, webinar funnels, membership sites
  • Easy email marketing integrations
  • Easy CRM integrations
  • Saves time, money and effort
  • And much, much more

We Use ClickFunnels

At Teaching Online Business, we practice what we preach. If we’re recommended it, we’re currently using it or have used it at some point.

My personal opinion, it’s a huge time saver. Time is money and money is time. If I can save money by using an awesome tool like ClickFunnels, I’m going to do it.

Sure, what you put in your sales funnel matters. Yes, it’s going to be the difference between success or failure.

That’s why I recommend watching our free training webinar so you can see what funnel we use. *Plus, if you stay until the end, I’ll give you my sales funnel for free!

ClickFunnels Making A Sales Funnel

Getting Started With Click Funnels

There’s a ton of ClickFunnels training videos and content out there that can teach you everything you need to know about building sales funnels with ClickFunnels.

The point I wanted to make, it’s super easy and simple.

No, you don’t need to know a bunch of code or anything like that to use ClickFunnels.

Their version 2 editor is easy drag and drop, fill in the blank. They also have well over a hundred different templates you can use at anytime.

For Client Businesses

Those of you that follow me and are a part of our Teaching Online Business community, you know our focus is on high ticket sales.

Our clients spend a minimum of $5,000 to work with us, but the value we bring to them is X20, X50 that.

All of our clients are focused on getting more clients and at a higher price point than they normally charge. We use sales funnels in their business just as we do in ours.

Again, (we practice what we preach).

Sales Funnel Software

You won’t find another sales funnel software better than ClickFunnels at the moment.

I use ClickFunnels for all my marketing sales funnels. It’s the same software we use with our clients, which is why we know it well.

At the bare minimum, you need ClickFunnels for your sales funnel and Active Campaign for your email marketing. Unless you want to lay down a few more grand for Infusionsoft. Your call.

Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation

If you want to escape the dusk til dawn life of being an entrepreneur, you’re going to need leverage in your business. One such way to prevent the freedom you want is through automation.

Again, I’m a big fan of Active Campaign.

Active Campaign integrates with ClickFunnels and you’ll be able to easily automate your email flow.

Active Campaign benefits are as follows;

  • Allows you to build email automations
  • Tag leads and clients based on what they do
  • Has a built in CRM (The $49.99 month package)
  • Score leads based on actions they take
  • Easily track your most active leads
  • Track deals from start to finish


Types Of Sales Funnels

There’s a number of different sales funnels you could be using to grow your business. Each funnel serves a different purpose and changes based on your market and niche.

Let’s check out a few sales funnels and what makes each one special.

Optin Lead Capture Funnel

This sales funnel has a one primary purpose, to collect leads.

This is one of the most common funnels you see online and one of the easiest to build too.

The optin lead capture funnel usually only consist of two pages, a squeeze page and thank you page.

The squeeze page, also called the lead page, offers something of value to the prospect for their name and email.

Once a prospect signs up, they’re usually sent to a thank you page where they can claim their gift, prize, what ever it may be you’re giving away.

The prospect is often added to an email list to build the relationship in hopes of them becoming a customer or client later on.

Sales Page Funnel

The sales page funnel can be built in a lot of different ways. I’m going to show you one of the most common way to build it.

The sales page starts with an optin page, where you can collect a name, email, phone number or other data entry points.

The next page is usually a sales message or a sales marketing message. This page of the funnel usually has a CTA (call-to-action) to send the user to an order form.

Your order form is the 3rd page in the funnel, allowing the user to purchase your product.

Afterward, the user can be sent anywhere that you wish, such as a thank you page, confirmation page, order form or membership area.

Webinar Funnel

The webinar funnel is also a very common sales funnel used today.

This funnel will begin with a webinar registration page, where users can sign up by providing a name and email.

The user is then took to a confirmation page, often sharing the link they’ll need to use to watch your webinar.

With ClickFunnels, you can integrate your webinar with several webinar providers.

Evergreen Webinar Funnel

Now, if you’re wanting to use an evergreen webinar funnel, you’ll need to add an additional 2 pages.

You’ll need to add a live webinar room and a replay room for anyone that missed the webinar.

These are just a few of the most popular funnels that are used online today. Remember, you can create your sales funnel in any manner that you want. At the least, hopefully this will help you get started.

You can’t beat having a tool like ClickFunnels, which makes building funnels simple and easy.

But Remember…

Your funnel is only one piece of the total puzzle you need to master to be successful.

It’s not the type of funnel that’s important, but rather what’s written within it.

The one thing that will never change is the fact that EVERY business relies on getting new clients and customers.

If you’re struggling to get consistency in your business, I have a free gift I want to give you.

You can sign up here. Don’t worry, it’s free. But it’s training material you need to know.

Ok guys and gals, I’m out. Make it a great one, go grow your business and level up.

If you need help, schedule a time to talk with us here.