Mastering High Ticket Sales

High ticket sales can mean different things to different people. So before I get into today’s lesson, I want to define what I mean by high ticket sales.

I’m referring to a product or service that cost at least $3K or more.

Some people go higher, some people go lower, but I’ve closed many $1K-$1.5K deals without ever having to get on the phone. When you get to $3K-$5K and higher, you’ll usually have to close those in person or via a phone call.

Industry averages, it could range from $5K-$15K and higher.

A lot of my clients had difficulty closing high ticket sales and the reasons vary, but 2 of them really stick out. These are going to be the 2 that I discuss with you today so you can get it fixed and scale to 6-7 figures.

Now that we have that cleared up, how can you master high ticket sales with paid traffic?

Your Offer And Clarity

In the C.A.M.A. Formula, one of the core stages is identifying your perfect client and creating the right offer. Two quick points that are important.

  1. You have to know who your ideal clients are. If you miss this, it’s going to disrupt everything else you do. It has to be done correctly.
  2. Your offer, how it’s presented, what’s included, all of it’s important. In our formula, these are 2 of the most important pillars in your foundation.


Why is your offer everything? Simple, if you get this wrong, the rest of your system is obsolete. This is why a lot of client businesses fail and struggle.

One of the reasons I decided to do this training is because this is the one area that many of my clients struggle with. Some of the surveys I did point right back to the core offer too, so it only made sense to dive deep into creating your irresistible offer.

This is why I added the bonus training in my webinar, to help you build the right offer targeted to the right people. If you haven’t watched the webinar training, go do so. With this guide and the free training, you’ll have more than enough to dial your offer in. You can watch the training here.

Know Your Perfect Customer

When you’re selling a high ticket offer, you need a high level of clarity in all areas. If it’s not clear what your offer is, does and the results it brings, you’ll struggle selling it.

Before you can build your offer, you need to know your perfect customer and everything about them.

The two main points are

  • Pain
  • Desire


What is the main pain point of your perfect customer? What is their main desire?

Take my business as an example.

One of my avatars is Tom Davis. Tom is 34 years old. He’s married, has 2 children.

Tom is a consultant and has his own business. He makes $150,000 a year but his business takes up a lot of his time.

Tom’s main pain point is his time, he doesn’t know what to do to make more time and still be able to make his full income. His desire is to find that time.

Thanks to our system and targeting, we’ll know this about Tom and we’re able to help him by giving him a result that will help him work less and make more money.

In Tom’s scenario, his main pain point is working too much at his business. It takes up all his time. His desire is to work less. Our service is able to save Tom a lot of time and after he knows he can make a lot more money, he buys into the system.

Tom is our perfect client.

Perfect Client Perfect Offer

Once you know everything about your perfect client, you can build a compelling offer that gives them crystal clear clarity.

Your core offer is the vehicle you’ll be taking your clients on to get them the result they seek.

Remember, the result is what matters.

In order to charge high ticket prices, your core offer has to be crystal clear.

What did we learn about Tom viewing his avatar?

  • Family and time with family is important to him
  • More time away from his business is his desire
  • Wants a solution to make the same money but with less time involved


It only takes a few characteristics to dial in your messaging to your perfect customer.

For those of you that don’t have your messaging and offer dialed in, you need to focus back on your customer avatar.

You want to be in their head, you want to know exactly how they feel and why their seeking a solution.

Running Paid Traffic

Your paid traffic can have a variety of different traffic types depending on the paid ads you’re running.

Your system needs to be designed to convert cold traffic. If you can convert cold traffic, you’ll be able to convert better traffic types.

How do we convert cold traffic into paying clients?

For us, we use a webinar funnel.

Our paid ads drive traffic to our webinar registration landing page where you can sign up and get our free training. The webinar is great content, actionable steps our audience can take away and get value with.

It doesn’t mean you have to use a webinar, but we’ve found them to be amazing and as long as that webinar is dialed in and gives value, it will convert cold paid traffic.

Now, everyone isn’t going to be ready to commit at first. You need to give them the opportunity to learn more about you, build their trust and build the relationship with them. For this, our leads get different nurturing sequences depending on their actions.

By doing so, you’ll be able to convert cold traffic on the front end and back end.

Let’s Review

The main pillars to converting paid traffic and high ticket sales is

  • Having An Irresistible Offer
  • Know Exactly Who Your Perfect Customer Is
  • Creating Your Customer Avatar
  • Dialing In Your Message And Copy
  • Running Your Paid Traffic
  • Nurturing Sequences For Your Leads