Facebook is on track to hit record highs again for advertising, estimated to be over $4 billion. Still think Facebook ads don’t work?

There’s a reason why Facebook ads don’t work and it’s likely not what you’re thinking.

To set the groundwork, let’s talk about how Facebook ads work.

In our 10 steps to winning Facebook ads, I break down 10 critical components of making Facebook ads work.

Here’s the thing, making your Facebook ads work goes a lot deeper than getting your creative right, ad copy or targeting.

When you hear experts discuss Facebook ads, that’s usually where their focus is. If it’s not creatives, ad copy and targeting, than what could it be?



It’s all about attention.

While it’s true, there’s a lot of working pieces you need to get right with your Facebook ads.

However, nothing is more important than getting attention.

That starts with your ad images or your ad videos.

You must get someone’s attention for them to interact with you. If you don’t, your Facebook ads won’t be successful.


Single Image Ad Creatives

When it comes to your ad creatives, referring to just ad images here, this is going to be your first attempt at attracting your perfect clients.

There’s many routes you could take.

A lot of people overthink Facebook ad creatives. It’s not about the beauty of the design elements, it’s all about making prospects stop and take notice.

I build all my Facebook ads with Canva. I highly recommend it, you can use it for free.

I’ve found that pattern interrupts work amazing.

My recommendation, don’t go for the best designed Facebook ad. I want you to create an ad that gets attention visually. Perhaps an ad that symbolizes what you do.

Facebook Ads That Get Attention

Here’s one of my best performing ads.

I want to break it down for you so you can get a few tips and ideas to build an attractive FB ad.

First, you’ll easily notice the red background overlay. We naturally associate red with stop, warning, important and attention. As this FB ad is running in the news feed, it easily creates attention.

Next, the white inner border is a pattern interrupt. How many ads have you seen this design on? I didn’t see many ads using this strategy.

That handsome guy in the picture is me. Smiling, confident but friendly.

Then my title, “Learn How I Grew My Client Business To $70K A Month.” I’m attracting and repelling with my title. I’m calling out my target audience, “client businesses.”

I’m saying I will discuss how I grew my business to $70K a month. If you’re a client business owner who has struggled to grow your business, this interest you. I know this is one of the major concerns in my industry because I’ve did research and I have client feedback.

If you haven’t seen my training before, you must hit on a major pain point in your prospect’s life. We call this “wake up in the morning pain” because it’s a major pain point our clients wake up too.

Breaking The Ad Down

  • I used a red overlay to attract attention
  • The white border causes a pattern interrupt (gains attention)
  • Calling out my target audience with the heading (client business owners)
  • Repelling those who are not my target audience (again, focusing on calling out client businesses)
  • Focuses on a major pain point in my industry (trying to grow and scale a business)
  • A picture of me being friendly (will build recognition, credibility and authority)
  • Easy to use template; I can change text, backgrounds, colors in a few seconds


The First Step To Winning On Facebook Is Attracting Your Target Prospects

If you miss this first step, your Facebook ad campaign will never perform as high as it could. Even worse, it can cause you to fail.

When you’re creating your ad images, just think about the steps I took above creating my ad.

This is only “ONE” of the steps it takes to success with your Facebook ads, but it’s one of the most important.

You don’t want to attract the wrong prospects. If you do, it’s going to cost you time, money and effort. That’s my BIG 3. (I say it all the time)

You want to attract the right prospects, that’s why you do your research before you build any business.

The research phase is vital.


Ready To Start Winning With Your Facebook Ads?

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