Hey everyone and welcome to another case study documentary.

I recently hit a the 12 month mark with one of my one-on-one clients.

12 months ago, his Ecommerce store was doing well. He was making $43K a month when I first started working with him.

Fast forward to today, he’s making $234K a month. I was able to add nearly $200K a month in additional revenue.

Ecommerce Case Study $234K Revenue A Month

How Did We Hit $234K A Month?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Don’t leave all your eggs in one basket.

If you look at our Google Analytics tracking above, we added revenue from 5 different traffic types during this 12 month span.

The biggest gain came from organic traffic, which is from search engine optimization.

We’re consistently bringing in $90K-$100K a month just from SEO alone.

I get it, who wouldn’t be happy with making $100K a month from their ecom store? Some people call it greedy, I call it opportunity. You have to take advantage of the opportunities you have and since SEO is something I’ve did for a decade, I knew we could put up big numbers using it.

We grew organic traffic revenue by 2,169.5 percent in 12 months.

Too many Ecommerce business owners are focused on the short-term and they fail to see the long-term play out. Do you think we were seeing these results in the first few months? No, SEO is a long-term investment, but still short-term. 12 months is not a lot of time. Serious, if I would tell you you’d be earning $100K a month through SEO in 12 months, would you let me do it for you? Of course you would!

High Keyword Rankings Ecommerce

More On Achieving High Ecommerce SEO Rankings

Too many business owners hire cheap SEO services. Trust me, I know they do and do so in bulk.

You get what you pay for. Everyone wants to pay $99 a month for SEO and get results like this, but 99 percent of you won’t if this is your strategy.

There’s so many factors that play a role in the SEO equation and achieving the type of results we see daily.

We create high quality content. Most ecommerce stores don’t and I knew it was an opportunity we could use to our advantage. Not to only build SEO results, but to build a brand that our customers would love and experience.

SEO was a big reason we hit $234K a month in 12 months, but it wasn’t the only reason.

I can build customer audiences and look-a-like audience through Facebook.

If you have higher end products and services, building a relationship first is the key. You wouldn’t date someone for a day and ask them to marry you the next day, right? Well, I hope you wouldn’t! You want to build the relationship first.

  • Create high quality content that your audience will read and share
  • Make sure your site structure is properly structured
  • Target the most profitable keywords at first
  • Make sure your URLs are clean and include the target keyword
  • It only takes one page to rank a keyword in Google, don’t use multiple pages with the same target keyword
  • Make sure you use different keywords in your text, don’t repeat a target keyword over and over again
  • Make sure your metadata is completely filled out

Social Media Brings In $5K A Month But This Is Why It’s Important

We didn’t focus on social media being a huge channel of revenue for us. Due to our niche, it doesn’t make sense.

With that being said, we used social media to build relationships and it works amazing.

You have to understand why people are on social media. They’re there to engage with others, have fun, be entertained, not to buy. However, we can use that to help them discover us and that could lead to a personal relationship or a paying customer.

Once you really understand that, you can build a strategy geared to appeal to them.

For example, I can do an entertaining video that can capture their attention. I’m not going to directly promote them to a product page due to the nature of our product and price. We have high ticket products, that wouldn’t make sense.

I can also promote our content because I know it’s awesome content. I can use a Facebook pixel to put ads in front of all of those that visited our website or Facebook page. Remember, the ROI is in the retargeting.

  • Make sure you’re using retargeting ads when using Facebook ads
  • Build custom audiences and look-a-like audiences for your Facebook ads
  • Track those by placing your Facebook pixel
  • Make sure you build relationships first, get prospects on an email list, open communications
  • Understand why your audience is on social media to begin with

SEO Leads To Higher Direct Traffic And Revenue

While most people don’t focus on direct traffic results, I know to pay attention.

95 percent of customers don’t buy on the first visit.

Due to this, we’re focusing on keeping high SEO rankings so potential customers can find us time and time again.

This is where paid traffic comes in to for retargeting.

Here’s you a gold nugget. Do you know how to get profitable with your paid traffic? Retargeting! That’s where your ROI is. Put more focus on your retargeting and I guarantee you’ll see more sales.

Now, back to direct traffic. we saw 223.32 percent growth in revenue, hitting $46K in sales over the last 30 day period.

All of these are a direct result of SEO and paid ads.

Potential customers will write down your number, write down your URL, save it as a favorite or bookmark your page to get back to it later.

If you’re doing SEO and retargeting/remarketing campaigns, your direct traffic results are going to increase.

Always Be Testing To Improve Conversions

I know you may here this a lot, but are you out there testing different things in your business?

Are you testing product titles? Product descriptions? Are you testing the colors of your buttons?

Are you reaching back out to close abandoned carts?

The higher your store converts, the more sales you’re going to make.

What To Take Away From This Case Study

One article is not enough time to get into the fine print. Even so, I want to leave you with these tips.

  • Don’t just focus on paid ads, it’s a huge mistake.
  • Your ROI is in retarketing campaigns
  • Focus on SEO to start and understand it’s a long-term investment
  • Focus on high quality content and branding
  • Use paid ads to build custom audiences
  • Use paid ads to build brand awareness
  • Use social media to engage with your audience
  • You must have a product/service people want
  • The smallest of test can produce big results
  • Reach back to close abandoned carts
  • Make sure you’re testing to improve conversions
  • $234K a month in 12 months (Think long-term investment)


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