Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Convert Kit???

Your client business needs an email marketing solution. You’ve been told “the money is in your email list.” While that’s true, don’t overthink it.

How many times have you switched email providers already? Yeah, that’s my point.

Sure, there’s several top email marketing solutions out there, but you only need one. If you’re using more than one, you’re just wasting time, effort and money.

I want you to get your email marketing right because it’s a vital piece of every client business out there. How many times have you heard the (money is in your list)? That’s one of the few things the so-called experts are right about.

Out of all the different email marketing providers out there, I use Active Campaign. Active Campaign over Infusionsoft? Yep….

Email Software

Before I explain why, here’s something you need to know.

For those of you that want to grow and scale your client business fast, you need 3 core elements.

  • You need a process/system that allows you to convert cold traffic
  • You need an email marketing solution to convert prospects and leads
  • You need a process/system that allows you to convert on the front end


If you’ve seen my prior training or saw the C.A.M.A Formula, you already know what we use to convert users on the front end and back end.

You know we use email marketing and Active Campaign. What else? We use webinars and video. Most of our lead generation is focused on high quality content in the from of a webinar or video.

We’re always testing optins and lead magnets. You’d be smart to do the same, you want to have a clear idea what your market responds too.

Active Campaign Benefits

Active Campaign is much more than an email solution, it’s a complete marketing solution.

The money is in your email list. Every expert screams it and it’s true, your list is money.

Check out these benefits.

Nearly all email marketing software allows you to send emails to your list, a very basic service.

Why I Chose Active Campaign

There’s several reasons that forced me to leave Mailchimp and Convert Kit for Active Campaign.

Here’s a broad overview.

  • Active Campaign is user friendly
  • Active Campaign has user tagging
  • Active Campaign has a CRM
  • Active Campaign is fairly priced
  • Active Campaign is the closest email provider next to Infusionsoft


Active Campaign Email Automation

Automating Your Business With Email Marketing

If you want to grow and scale your business with email, you need automation.

Email keeps the relationships personal while the automations will save you time, money and effort.

There’s a number of ways you can automate your business with email.

We use automations for all of our sales funnels. We use email marketing automation for lead funnels and when customers buy our products. If we had to control these manually, it would be a hassle. With automated email delivery, we set up the email sequences to fire and never have to worry about them again.

Powerful Email Automation Through Segmenting

Another huge benefit to having the right email marketing solution is the advanced strategies you can use to define what your audience wants.

For example, we may have an email sequence on sales funnels. To understand what our audience wants, we place specific links in the emails for our audience to click on. When they click on a specific link that interest them, we place them in a segment unique to the content or topics they engage with.

While I love surveys just as much as the next digital marketer, I prefer to segment my audience on autopilot.

Using Tags To Personalize Your Audience’s Email Content

Another reason why I’m a big fan of Active Campaign is tagging.

We can tag our audience to deliver unique content to them based on how they interact with emails.

We can use these tags to subscribe them to new list and put them into new sales funnels.

The right email marketing solution gives your business all these abilities and that’s why I always recommend Active Campaign.