Tired Of Spending Countless Hours, Effort And Money On Social Media Without The Results You Expected?
Growing your social media engagement doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. I do it in just 1 HOUR A DAY and I want to teach you how!
Only 1 Hour A Day
Not only do I give you over 100+ strategies to use right away, I give you a step-by-step template so you can't mess it up! All you have to do is follow the steps.
Guaranteed Results!
If you follow the strategies I teach you, you will see immediate results. What you'll learn is proven strategies that will build good will, engagement and position you as an expert.
You Already Know A Presence On Social Media Is Vital To The Growth Of Your Business And Brand
However, building the type of momentum you need to attract your ideal clients is not easy. Until now. I'm pulling back the curtain and I'm going to show you over 100+ strategies you can start using today to set your social media engagement on fire! And the best part? 
It Only Takes One Hour A Day!
Your Target Audience Is On Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn And Other Social Media Outlets
When you know how to attract your clients and customers, it's a game changer. It doesn't matter what type of business you have, you need social media to work for your business. Stop struggling to gain attraction and engagement, get the course and explode your social media results.
Our Guarantee
If you follow the strategies and implement them in your business you're going see results - GUARANTEED
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*This is a special Early Bird Discount. Save over 75 percent now while it last. It's the safest investment you can make for your business.
Here's What You'll Be Learning
  •  100+ Strategies - Over 100 different social media strategies you can start applying and implementing into your business instantly. You'll learn social media strategies to increase engagement, followers, fans, comments, likes, awareness, relationships, sales and more.
  •  The Big Mistake - The one big mistake I see 90 percent of entrepreneurs and business owners making and it's a sure fire way to fail. You must get this right!
  •  Making Your Time Count - How to get big results in as little as 1 hour a day; 7 hours of work a week to account for 30 hours, productivity hacks that makes it happen.
  •  The "One Thing" Needed For Momentum - Learn how to build quick momentum and take over your market by doing this "one thing."
  •  Lessons From The Past - Use these time proven strategies to quickly begin building relationships your organic tribe.
  •  The Power Of Numbers - Once you understand this concept and strategy, your momentum and success is nearly guaranteed.
  •  More Is Better - Get more comments, likes, shares, engagement and brand awareness than ever before using these timeless strategies from marketing legends.
  •  Fool Proof Blueprint - Outline the step-by-step strategies you're going to use to build massive momentum via your social media assets. You can't mess this up.
  •  Easy Social Proof - Learn why social proof is vital to high conversions and more sales while we teach you how to instantly build it even if you don't have results.
  •  Working With The Platforms - What you must know about social media algorithms to build high organic engagement and continuous results.
  •  Contest With Results - Go behind the scenes of a successful contest that is bringing in sales and learn step-by-step what we did to make it a success.
  •  Sales Focuses - Learn what it takes to move the revenue needle, getting people to leave Facebook, hit your sales pages and take action.

14 Training Videos, Templates, Checklist, Guides
TOTAL VALUE - $1,997
*This is a special Early Bird Discount. Save over 75 percent now while it last. It's the safest investment you can make for your business.
What Else Can I Give You To Succeed?
  •  Student Support - Get your questions answered with our incredible support team that's here to help you get amazing results. 
  •  One-On-One With Richard - Every member will get a one-on-one with Richard to make sure you're on the right track.
  •  Live Q&A With Richard - You'll have access to our Live Q&A every Friday Night where we'll talk about anything you want. 
  •  Lifetime Access - Every member will get lifetime access to the Social Media Power Kit training program. You can learn on your own time. You also immediately get all new training videos added to the course.
  •  Lifetime Discounts - You get lifetime discounts to all new programs and products that we come out with. We already have several on the way.
TOTAL VALUE - $4,997
*Limited time only. As soon as the program is full we'll be closing it down.
Commonly Asked Questions
I currently don't have a presence on social media. Will this work for me? Absolutely. It doesn't matter if you're just starting or you already have engagement, apply the strategies you learn and you're going to see consistent growth, more engagement and better results than ever before.

Do I have to pay for the ads to get results? Not at all. In fact, most of the strategies I teach are organic strategies that help you leverage social media algorithms. Paid ads would certainly boost the organic strategies I'm teaching you, but they're not required to get awesome results.

Can I really see growth in just one hour of work a day? Yes and then some. The reason entrepreneurs and business owners spend countless hours trying to grow their social media platforms unsuccessfully is because they continue to use strategies that don't move the needle. If you can devote just one hour a day and you follow my step-by-step strategy guide, you're going to see a huge ROI for your efforts.

What do you mean by more "results?" If you follow my strategies, it will give you more reach, more exposure, more engagement, more comments, more people talking, higher organic rankings, more video views, more post views, more post engagement. As long as your business is optimized, you're going to see new prospects, new leads, new clients and customers.

Will this work for me? If you're using social media to grow your business, this program will work for you. While social media marketing strategies differ, what doesn't is the fact that you need to create attention to make social media work. In this program, you'll learn exactly how to do that.

Joe Kuersteiner says:

This training course is worth way more than the price. I can't believe how many strategies Richard shares, strategies that actually do get results. Plus, you get the one hour a day template! Incredible value.

Shawn Dawson says:

I wasn't sure if I could really grow my business with just one hour a day but Richard proved me wrong. I've never had this much engagement ever and all I did was follow what he teaches in the course. A+

Chris Mitchell says:

This is insane value. Lifetime access, one on ones, are you kidding me? What's awesome about this course is the fact I started with nothing and I'm quickly building relationships with potential clients. Then the customer support, just amazing! Thank you guys so much!!!
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