Imagine How Your Life And Business Would Change
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This Is For Coaches, Consultant And Experts That Want "FULL CONTROL" Over Their Business And The Freedom That Comes With It.
  • How To Scale And Grow your coaching, consulting or service based business - $10K, $20K, $50K month or more Without being strapped down to your business. (Like you are now)
  • The "One Problem Framework" that allows you to master what it is you do, attract your perfect clients effortlessly and give you control in your business like never before.
  • How to engineer the right Market Message so you're attracting the right prospects that want exactly what it is you offer.
  • The Big Mistake most of you are making ...Right This Second and what can be done to make sure you never make it again. (This is a PRIORITY shift)
  • The Simple Shift that will take you from scarcity to abundance in a matter of minutes on right now and the 90 percent of things you're doing now you can STOP immediately.
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I Was Booked By April 2018 For The Whole Year

"Working with Richard Hale was the best investment I ever made for my business. 2017 was our best year ever and 2018 has been bigger!" 
Shawn Dawson 
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